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Gun Sights Paint

Glow-On™ gun sight paint, improves your ability to acquire and hit a target.

Glow-On™ is an excellent gun sight paint to replace the white dots on your gun, create glow in the dark gun sights on your favorite weapons, or restore old gun sights to working condition. In one vial there is enough pigment for at least 12-15 pistols. rifles, shotguns, etc.
Long lasting glow, you wake up in the middle of the night and your vision is adapted to the dark, you can easily perceive the gun sights paint on your gun.
A quick boost with a small led flash light will make your glow in the dark gun sights glow brighter than tritium.
It makes it possible for you to line up a shot in extreme conditions.

Quality above the rest

Glow-On is the most efficient gun sights paint in the market (first to the left). Compared to other popular products, Glow-On offers superios afterglow, greater coverage and weather resistance.
Glow-On absorbs light and then releases it slowly for hours. It can ve perceived with the naked eye in the middle of the night if your vision is adapted to the dark, or else coming from daylight into a dark environment, the sights will be charged already giving you the edge. Used as indicated, it will help you locate your weapon and line up a shot if necessary.

Keep a small led lamp close to your weapon in the night, a couple of seconds on your sights and you are ready to go. Whenever possible train using hand held flashlights with pistols and rifles to asses your target correctly if the situation demands it.

For more tutorials and tips click here

How to apply

How to create glow in the dark gun sights

Apply Glow-On over your gun sights with the help of the applicator, a toothpick or a brush. If the sights are starting to look overworked, clean the mess with a wet paper towel and start again. Lay it on as thick as possible, boldly
After it dries, ( 24 hours) apply a couple of coats of transparent colorless nail polish to protect your work.

Glow-On application is simple and fast, the pigment has to dry for 24 hour before one can use the gun and or holster it.

Self adhesive

Cut the self adhesive with scissors, a utility knife and ruler or punch glow dots with a hole puncher ( 1/8" and 1/16" are popular sizes).
Clean the surface of your gun sights with a little alcohol and place the self adhesive dots , squares, notched squares, etc. over your sights.
The adhesive coat is not strong to keep hold it for long when the pieces are so small, rub off the ahdesive and use super glue gel to set it, (carefully, in case of trouble, super glue can be removed with nail polish remover) then apply transparent nail polish to protect it. Wait for 24hours before you holster your gun.

An active duty soldier or an armed citizen

An active Duty Soldier always have a plan, a team ,logistics, he decides what the target is, when and where to attack and definitely, he is always on the offensive. When an active duty soldier rests, there is always another soldier vigilant to guarantee his safety. By the way the active soldier has the multimillion dollar budget and support of the federal Government.

An armed citizen is like an off duty soldier, he or she also needs a plan, a support team, the help of logistics to assure the survival of his or her family, but, an armed citizen is always on the defensive, he or she doesn't know when or where from the attack will occur. As armed citizens we have to have provide our own budget and the second ammendment is our only legal support.

When an armed citizen rests, he is alone. In case of an attack, the armed citizen has little time to asses the level of a threat, to react and neutralize that threat.

To compensate for any disadvantage, and as one can afford it, we get one or several weapons, different calibers and configurations, a house alarm and a dog, maybe night vision and a laser sight too, tritium sights, fiber optics etc. To be redundant is OK as we cover different angles.

So what would hurt to spend US$12 to enhance what we already have? It's going to be one more tool in our arsenal, we might never need it, but we'll sure be glad we have it if we do.

A self paced tutorial

For a step by step tutorial, click here or on the picture to the left.
Now you can follow frame by frame the whole process.

Hover your mouse pointer over these pictures and see the results.

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