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Create a starry starry night, with Stars Glow!
Fabulous aqua color glow-in-the-dark paint  to create stunning star-fields on your ceilings.
Relax while you fall asleep contemplating the beauty of a starry night, every night!
Just turn on the main light in your room for a few minutes to activate the phosphorescence of the paint and you are ready to start dreaming.
Actual length and brightness of glow will vary depending on the power brightness of your bedroom lights.



1- Stir the paint well before use.

2- Apply small dabs of pigment with the wide side of the provided wooden stick or the tip of your brush to create the stars. A short synthetic bristle No. 1 or 2 or a Q-tip should work.

3- Load and wipe the tip of your brush as you go inside the mouth of the vial to avoid caking of the paint.

4- For more natural star fields:
- First test on a small area and place a few small dots to create a mental image of your work.
- Place stars as randomly as you can, paint triads or triangles, avoid circles or line patterns etc.
- Try to work on large areas and overlap your work to avoid "zoning".
- Very small dots are OK, if the dots are too big the glow might be too much.
- Create at least three different size stars for variety.
- Examine our work from time to time, have a helper by the light switch for this task.
- If strange patterns form, just paint the glow dots with white paint or such to neutralize them.

5- Clean brush and hands with water and soap, don't let it dry over the brush.

The paint charges with the electric lights before you go to bed and then, you turn the lights off and you can see a starry night.

"So how does Stars Glow this compare with those cute big stars I can found for US 5.00 at the local store?"
We applied our product over, so that  you can certainly see the difference..


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