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The Extreme Glow Paint for Professionals! 

Glow-On is a super bright, concentrated, glow in the dark paint, with a nice and silky texture.

Since it's concentrated, you need a lot less paint to get better results faster than with similar products.

Glow On is opaque, it contains its own primer, it covers dark surfaces efficiently .

Available in paint and film forms.

Main uses:
Gun sightsFishing lures, Small Electronics, Arts & Crafts, Scale Modeling, Photography, Camping Equipment, etc.

Environmentally safe: 

Non toxic, non radioactive, non flammable, environmentally friendly.

Glow-On dries to a solid state and it's incredibly durable. 
The binder has a strong adherence. It sticks to all rigid surfaces: Glass, metals, rock, etc.

Once it dries and cures it is weatherproof, impervious to hi and low temperatures.
Unlike tritium, which is radioactive gas, Glow-On is not radioactive.

We've added more colors:

Glow-On users wanted colors, so we have several colors to choose from.

Available in 8 colors: 
Original, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Bubble Gum Red, Hot Pink and Orange.

For the brightest glow, please choose Glow-on Original.

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