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Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent
Is a concentrated, opaque, intense glow in the dark paint or adhesive film formula.

Main uses: Firearms night sights,  fishing lures, small electronics, scale modeling, crafts, etc.
It is non toxic, non radioactive, non flammable and environmentally friendly.
Did we say it has an extraordinary glow?

Follow our easy tutorial videos on . Glow-On is made in the USA.
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Glow-On™ Advantages:
-Glow-On is opaque, no need to paint a white background.
-The brightest paint for sale: Initial luminance: 27549mcd/m and it has a very long afterglow.
-Easy to apply new technology water based formula.
-Environmentally safe, non radioactive, non taxic, non flammable.
-Will stand high temperatures.
-Glow-On's phosphorescent capabilities last for at least 15 years.
-Excitation and emission can be repeated indefinitely.
-Highly visible in daylight or complete darkness, The color versions have a fluorescent dye for maximun visibility.
-Superior adherence to most surfaces.
-The paint is available in 7 colors:
Original, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Bubble Gum Red and Orange sherbet.

To the Original we added 6 more colors:

We now have the original Glow-On Super Phosphorescent plus seven new Glow-On Colors. Glow-On colors have the added benefit of a fluorescent dye which emits light when light is absorbed. This makes  Glow-On colors extremely efficient in the presence of daylight.
DC: Day Color , GC: Glow Color (in the dark) and GQ: Glow Quality (relative intensity).

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