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What is Glow-On and what benefits does it offer to you?
Glow-On turns regular gun sights into a glow in the dark night sights.
Glow-On super Phosphorescent is the easiest, most affordable and efficient upgrade available for all types of gun sights.
No change in hardware is required. 
It can be applied in just a few minutes.
After the application light absorbed from different sources will be released in the form of glow, for a long period of time.
The glow can be rekindled any time exposing the gun sights to a bright LED lamp just a couple of seconds.
Glow-On can be used along with any other technology and it will never run out of batteries!
The glow cycle can be repeated millions of times for the half-lifetime of the product which is 15 years.

Affordable custom night sights

It will bring life back to bare iron sights, standard, white dots, front posts, etc. Glow-On works on all firearms.

Fast and clean. In just a few minutes.

A small vial is enough for about three dozen firearms!
That's right give or take a few. The same applies to a small sheet of Glow-On Film.
Glow-On is the most efficient product of its kind in the market today!
Superior glow at the best price.

Glow-On glow in the dark gun sights paint performance.

Glow-On a great alternative to expensive night sights
How to remove Glow-On from yur gun.
Acetone can be used to 'soften' the Glow-On to make the removal easier.

So how much is this going to cost me?
For the cost of a fast food meal you can customize all your firearms!


Before you apply Glow-On
Plan ahead before you start, keep in mind, in the world of "glow" bigger is always better.

How to apply the Glow-On Paint over your gun sights.

Clean surface with alcohol and paper towel.
Load a bead of paint on your wooden applicator (provided).
Apply a droplet with a soft touch on each dot or area to treat. Build over it while the paint is wet. Let it dry for a few minutes
Apply an extra layer if necessary and let it dry for a couple of hours, then apply a couple of layers of transparent nail polish to add a smooth finish.

How to apply the Glow Film over your gun sights.
Cut the self adhesive with  scissors, a utility knife and ruler or punch glow dots with a hole puncher (  1/16" ).
Clean the surface  of your gun sights with alcohol.
The adhesive on the back of the film is great for larger projects, but for gun sights this is not strong enough, so remove the adhesive with alcohol and use a bead of Super Glue Gel to set the material. After it dries, apply a coat or two of transparent nail polish


If you ever need it, you'll be glad you have it on your gun sights.
A great fallback strategy for when the batteries on your lasers and red dots go down.

It charges in a couple of seconds
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