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Glow-On™ Super Phosphorescent
Is concentrated, opaque, intense glow-in-the-dark paint.
Glow-On is available in both paint and self adhesive film.
Main uses: Gun sight,  fishing lures, small electronics, scale modeling, etc.
It is non toxic, non radioactive, non flammable and environmentally friendly.

Follow our easy tutorial videos on . Glow-On is made in the USA.

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Glow-On™ Advantages
-Brightest initial luminance: 27549mcd/m with a slow glow decay, it will glow for hours.
-Easy to apply weather proof water based formula.
-Environmentally safe, non radioactive, non toxic, non flammable.
-Will stand very high temperatures.
-Glow-On's phosphorescent capabilities last for at least 10 years. Excitation and emission can be repeated indefinitely.
-Highly visible in daylight or complete darkness.
-Superior adherence to most surfaces.
-The paint is available in 7 colors: Original, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Bubble Gum Red and Orange.

To the Original we added 6 more colors:

We now have the original Glow-On Super Phosphorescent plus seven new Glow-On Colors.
DC: Day Color,  GC: Glow Color, GQ: Glow Quality/Intensity.  
Glow-On Original has the brightest glow, Glow-On Colors have the advantage  of a fluorescent dye to enhance vsibility in day light.

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