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We've created Extreme Glow for Extreme users!
Glow-On a super dense and  concentrated luminescent formula, extremely durable, weather proof and it is is available in paint and film forms.
Main uses:
Gun sights: Self Defense, Military and Law Enforcement,  Hunting, Target Practice.
Fishing lures: Spoons, Cranckbaits, Lures, Jigs, etc.
Small Electronics: Remotes, Small Radios, Light Switches, Flash Lights.
Arts & Crafts: Scale Modeling, Bead Work, Custom Jewelry, Nail Art.

Environmentally safe

Glow-On is non toxic, non radioactive, non flammable, environmentally friendly.
The binder is advanced water base polymer, it becomes permanent after it dries and cures.
The product is opaque and yet our special formula allows light to penetrate it and glow from the inside out. 
The glow cycle can be repeate indefinitely for the life of the product which is 15 years.

To the Original we added 7 more colors:

We now have the original Glow-On Super Phosphorescent plus seven new Glow-On Colors.
Glow-On Original has the brightest glow, Glow-On Colors have the advantage of a fluorescent dye to add vibrant fluorescent color easy to seein day light.


For tutorials please visit our tutorial page link on the left or go directly to YouTube by clicking on the logo on the right.
Glow-On is made in the USA.


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