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It's going to be very hard for fish to ignore your lure.

Just take the wooden applicator and create organic patterns to lure fish. This product is highly visible in deep waters or during the night. Glow-On is harmless to the environment, non-toxic, non flammable and non radioactive and contains no lead, furthermore it is shock proof, it will withstand the dragging over rocks, sand, etc..

Use with confidence in the most demanding situations.


With Glow-On, you will be more successful, more often.

Use the applicator to apply small dots of Glow-On to your lures , drag the applicator to create lines or shapes.
Let it dry for a day or two, then apply a couple of layers of transparent nail polish to create a smooth finish.



Glow-On™ notes:
-Glow-On luminescent paint can be applied to jigs, spoons, plugs or crank-baits, spinner baits, artificial flies, swim-baits etc.
-It performs best on hard plastic lures and metal spoons.
-Since all plastics are different, it may require a little experimentation to determine what works best.


The exteme glow can be seen even in the presence of light!

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